By creating a working system that may work throughout platforms, Microsoft is attempting to cater to all clients. Santiago is pressured to work for L’Ensemble to earn the belief of their unseen chief, Samjo, who offers him a flash drive that may disable the sentry guns. If Santiago kills Miller and provides the counteragent to Drábek, the worldwide Well-being Initiative develops a vaccine and a cure. If Santiago leaves the counteragent with Miller, NATO develops a vaccine and reveals CSAT’s complicity, fracturing the alliance and forcing them out of Tanoa. Santiago gathers proof for Miller, whose plan to assault the lab-growing Atrox is hindered by their sentry gun defenses. Santiago is approached by Dr. Drábek, a virologist from Luganville, a city that has additionally obtained shipments of the containers.

Their most damning proof is a convoy of CSAT trucks seen carrying unidentified containers into the village of Tobakoro, whose inhabitants died of malaria shortly after. Infiltrating a CSAT port, Santiago confirms his suspicions: CSAT is creating Atrox, a malaria tremendous-pressure used as a biological weapon. Three years after the occasion of the Apex Protocol, Tanoa is affected by an extreme malaria outbreak. Following the operation, NATO quietly leaked a redacted model of the Apex Protocol paperwork to the press, resulting in worldwide condemnation of CSAT’s expansionism. The staff additionally recovers paperwork regarding CSAT’s Apex Protocol, a set of plans detailing how clandestine strategies such because the Eastwind System can be utilized to manufacture crises and make goal nations susceptible to CSAT affect via restoration assistance.

How, without Miller’s proof, the general public by no means learns of CSAT’s involvement, and CSAT continues to develop Atrox unabated. Santiago, a retired French Legionnaire, investigates CSAT’s actions for Scott Miller and the CTRG; they imagine the outbreak has been engineered by CSAT. Raider locates and rescues CTRG asset Keystone, revealed to be Scott Miller. The principal asset of PickAX was Choose Programs, acquired from the property of Richard Choose, the founding father of Decide Programs. Throughout an operation to seize Syndikat chief Solomon Maru, Raider is ambushed by Viper Crew, an excessive-tech Folks’ Liberation Military special forces unit, and is compelled to withdraw. Raider deploys to a Chinese language black site searching for the Eastwind Machine, solely to seek out the location attacked and abandoned; they study Syndikat has double-crossed China and is holding the gadget as ransom.